Together with our clients we find the best way to go. With the help of powerful technology like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence we prototype the future and help to make the best decisions already today.

Behind all our work stands the belief that technology can amplify our quality of life and inspire us when it is well designed. Contact us at

The Post-Binary
Can we design Artificial Intelligence in a way that is beneficial for everyone?
Conference at Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, Nov. 11, 2018
Website with registration
Künstlerhaus Graz
How do we relate to space in the age of technology?
Exhibition contribution »Du musst dein Leben ändern«
NRW-Forum Extension
How can you enlarge a museum with a virtual extension building?
Design & Concept the first institutional Virtual Reality exhibition in Germany
META Marathon
Why not using a chatbot to make the information for a conference instantly accessible?
Art direction and Website
FLOAT Gallery
Can you run a gallery entirely online?
Concept, Art Direction, Website and Virtual Reality
Float Gallery Website
インフラ INFRA
How do you present a festival for electronic music in Tokyo?
Art direction and Website
Wetware at Frankfurter Kunstverein
What would it look like if we'd be ably to fully control matter?
Design, Production and Virtual Reality
Global Fashion Agenda
How do you help the fashion industry to become more sustainable?
Imagine: Universal Basic Income
What could a future society look like?
Concept, Design and Website
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More clients we've been working with: Galerie Thomas Schulte, Marsano Berlin, Düsseldorf Photo, Kelterborn Collection, Skill Software, Robert Johnson Theorie, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetik, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach

Future Day, Zukunftsinstitut Frankfurt, June 7, 2018
ФЕСТИВАЛЬ TYPOMANIA 2018 (Typomania), Москва́/Moscow with RUDE, 26.5. — 3.06.18
META Marathon, Düsseldorf
Perception is Reality, Frankfurter Kunstverein, 7.10.17 — 7.01.18
When Machines Are Dreaming, Technische Sammlungen Dresden, 21.10. — 14.11.17
Imagine: Universal Basic Income, Import Projects/Online, Berlin, 27.09.17
NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf
The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, Hosted by Angelo Plessas

Talks & Panels
VRHam!, Virtual Reality Kust — Neue Realitäten?, June 10, 2018, Hamburg
Smart Places Conference, ZKM Karlsruhe, 2.3.18
Chaos Computer Club Dresden Symposium, Technische Sammlungen, 21.10.17
Looking at algorithms, Import Projects, Berlin, September 2017
VR in Art, Eigen + Art Lab / Art Lovers, Berlin, June 2017
Override Reality, 1933contemporary, Shanghai, 2016
captcha designfestival, Mannheim, August 2015
Nodes in the digital art world, Panel at Node Festival 2015, Frankfurt
Le spectateur augmenté, scam* Paris, Conference, April 2014

FH Bielefeld, 2016
captcha designfestival Mannheim, August 2015
Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, Workshop. 2012

form magazine 277, May/June 2018
Kunstforum International 251, Dez’17/Jan’18
Critic’s Pick by Travis Jeppesen, Artforum
Störgeräusche aus einer fremden Welt, Eugen El, Schirn Magazin
Es ist okay, geflasht zu sein, Anika Meier, Monopol Magazin
Es regnet nackte Männer, Anna Fastabend, Der Freitag
Virtuelle Welten: die Ausstellung "Unreal" im NRW-Forum, Jörg Jung, Westart Live, WDR
Laufen lernen heißt Stehenbleiben lernen, Peter Backof, Deutschlandfunk
Willkommen im Neuland, FAZ Woche, 20/2017
Digitalraum, Christoph Schütte, FAZ, 31.01.17
Ellos lo llaman escultura, Roberta Bosco & Stefano Caldana, El Paìs
La Liberation